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I was born in Wermelskirchen, Germany in 1971. I grew up in Witzhelden and Burscheid on the edge of the Bergisches Land (a low mountain range). My passion for fishing developed at a young age as a result of the various trout ponds and lakes where I grew up. Once when I visit a fishing shop, I met an older and very helpful fly fisher. I watched the man tying flies in this shop, who was never tired of answering the many questions I had. This gentlemen even spontaneously agreed to showing teach me how to cast in a nearby parking lot. That was it – from that day on, my passion for fly tying and fishing was born! In the absence of a suitable teacher in my area, I began to teach myself the art of fly tying and fishing. I routinely read fly fishing literature in various languages and visited exhibitions and events, both near and far. Here, I observed the more experienced fly tyers and consistently began to accumulate my own knowledge and expertise. I have fished many German and international waters. In 1999/2000, while I admired the beauty of salmon flies, I unfortunately lacked the sophisticated materials and resources needed to tie on my own. I began collecting the necessary materials wherever I could, until I finally had enough material to tie salmon flies in 2002/03. In addition to classic and modern patterns, I also develop my own creations, such as the “Wuppernnymphe” and modern salmon flies. Today, fly tying and fishing is my passion. During the last three years I was invited to a lot of  flyfishing fairs in  England, Netherlands Finnland, Denmark and Germany. A few well-known fly tiers and fishers, who are very dear to me, have stood by and supported me along my way. I wish to express my utmost gratitude to them and I`m looking foreword to all that lies ahead. Best Regards